Samantha’s story

My fight for the only right treatment – proton therapy in Prague! Samantha Williams, a 22-year-old student from Hitchin in Hertfordshire, was looking forward to completing her studies of animal science at Plymouth University. She loves her studies and wants to work in conservation. But cruel stroke of fate changed her plans completely. Strangely, her […]

NHS to fast track prostate cancer drug

A drug that could prolong the lives of many men with aggressive prostate cancer has now been fast-tracked by the NHS. Docetaxel was previously under guidelines that stated; a man wouldn’t be able to receive this chemotherapy drug until hormone therapy had stopped working, these guidelines have since been scrapped. The NHS confirmed that the […]

Most commonly diagnosed cancers & symptoms

In 2012 over 338,000 people were diagnosed with cancer in the UK, with over 161,000 of those diagnosed dying as a result of the cancer. The number of people diagnosed each year increases, however due to technological and medical advances, cancer is becoming easier to catch early and treat. Breast, lung, prostate and bowel cancer […]

Barbara’s Prostate Cancer Journey

I felt my world turn upside down when the doctor told my husband he had prostate cancer.  We didn’t have any further details and we were told the good news that this cancer put us straight onto the ‘Gateway’, so we had nothing to worry about getting it sorted.  But we did! The waiting! We […]

Thomas’s Prostate Cancer Story

The symptoms of prostate cancer for me were non-existent, the only indication I had was an elevated PSA level. Once I received the diagnosis of prostate cancer I was concerned and wanted to know how serious it was, I wanted to learn more about it and all the possible treatments. The impact the diagnosis had […]

Bill’s Prostate Cancer Story

I had no symptoms for prostate cancer but I was sent for a routine blood test which showed an elevated PSA reading and a biopsy followed. The diagnosis was a total shock to say the least! I felt anxious and stressed and my wife also became very anxious and stressed. I felt that the options […]

Movember: Grow, Groom & Give

It’s the hairiest time of year again where we grow and groom our beards to raise money for men’s health. The Movember campaign started in 2003 and has since gone on to raise £400million to fund projects world-wide, focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and physical inactivity among men. Although this campaign allows people to have […]

Tom’s Prostate Cancer Story

Tom’s treatment was a combination of hormone therapy as well as Proton Therapy. His original PSA score was 173 and it is now down to one. Watch him tell his incredible story.

Thomas’ Prostate Cancer Story

I came across proton therapy online and it indicated that the side-effects would be greatly reduced so I decided to go ahead with it.

Robert’s Prostate Cancer Story

I turned down NHS treatment as I became worried about the side-effects of standard radiotherapy which is why proton therapy appealed to me. With the lack of side-effects I believed it was a better treatment for me.

Richard’s Prostate Cancer Story

I would recommend Proton therapy to anyone that found themselves with the same diagnosis; I have all the same bodily functions as I did before the treatment, which would not be the case with what was offered by the NHS.

Michael’s Prostate Cancer Story

I would 100% recommend proton therapy; it’s up to date with much less risk of damage to other organs and it has left me feeling optimistic about my future.

Humphrey’s Prostate Cancer Story

I heard about proton therapy from a letter in the national press from a patient, I noticed immediately the reduced risk of side-effects and the shorter treatment time. I had 21 fractions of treatment but was also on hormones, the hormones gave me hot flushes but apart from that, no other side-effects especially from the proton therapy itself.