Prostate cancer storyBarbara’s Prostate Cancer Journey

I felt my world turn upside down when the doctor told my husband he had prostate cancer.  We didn’t have any further details and we were told the good news that this cancer put us straight onto the ‘Gateway’, so we had nothing to worry about getting it sorted.  But we did!

The waiting!

We have medical insurance so thought there wouldn’t be any waiting; however, even after our insurers quickly allocated a consultant, we then started on our journey of waiting.

We were waiting to hear when and where the MRI would take place, waiting to discuss results with the consultant, waiting to hear when and where the CT scan that was needed would take place, waiting to speak with the consultant for the next step.

The next step was going for a biopsy, again, after we waited for the ‘when and where’ it would take place and we had the follow-up consultation meeting to discuss treatment.

Throughout this time my husband researched, he researched every night on his iPad to verify what should be the best course of action for him.

This became even more difficult after consultations with a surgeon and separately with a radiologist.  It was impossible to get an objective answer from anyone in the medical arena who seemed to have their own preferences that didn’t sound preferable to us.

It wasn’t until we reached Prague after my husband had stumbled across information on Loma Linda in America and the Proton Therapy Center in Prague, when the consultant gave us an objective list of possible treatments and side effects, this clarity and openness was a breath of fresh air.

And we didn’t have to wait any longer!  We returned home and sorted out cover at work and then were on our way for the treatment.  My husband luckily only needed five fractions on alternate weekdays.

We rented a lovely one bedroom apartment in the middle of old town Prague where we relaxed, went sightseeing and enjoyed our time together, knowing that we were in the best hands for being treated, to allow us to get on with our lives with the absolute minimum of fuss and side-effects.

Thank you PTC from the bottom of our hearts.

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