Dawn’s Prostate Cancer Story

As a phlebotomist I knew the dangers of prostate cancer, I suggested to my husband that he should have a PSA test as he was having a ‘well-man’ check. There were no symptoms of prostate cancer and men tend not to know much about prostate cancer and are not offered routine testing.

When we got the diagnosis it was terrible, the news was just devastating and the outlooks from the treatments offered by the NHS were just bleak. I remember my husband saying he would rather die than end up with double incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

I didn’t seek any counselling support for myself but once my partner started his proton therapy treatment I felt relief for the first time in a while. He was relieved also to find an answer he had been looking for as well as giving us our life back.

From the start of the proton journey I felt my partner was in the best care by the best professionals possible, I can’t thank them enough. They provided us with everything we needed and instantly we knew we had made the right decision with Proton therapy.

I would definitely recommend them, the whole experience was all positive with everything to gain; they gave me back my husband.

(Disclaimer: The patient image is for illustration only- this patient is happy to share their story but would like to protect their identity)

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