Proton Therapy Centre: What is going on behind the scenes?

If you decide to be treated at the Prague Proton Therapy Center, you can be absolutely certain that you will get all the information you need and something extra. The Proton Center in Prague organises tours of the facility for patients who are undergoing treatment. It’s a great opportunity to find out how our unique treatment works and what happens “behind the scenes“.

This is a rare opportunity that allows you to become familiar with the process that takes place before a patient can be treated. The tour begins with the introduction of Dr. Kubeš, Medical Director, who takes on the role of our guide today. The journey starts on the fifth floor, where patients have a chance to visit the examination area. After that we continue to the medical imaging department where we can see the most advanced technology in CT, MRI and PET/CT scanning. Here we learn how this technology plays an important role in the diagnostics and treatment planning. Dr Kubeš answers questions and explains the advantages of the different types of imaging methods for given diagnoses, which provides the essential information needed to our medical team.

The tour then continues to the third floor where the medical department is located. Dr Kubeš answers the last of the questions and one of our leading physicists takes over. He is better suited to explain the radiation room we move on to, on the second floor. This is a place which our patients know closely because they visit it for every treatment. What is different about this visit is that they will have the opportunity to see how the radiologists and physicists work together to administer the radiation. After a brief look at the preparatory and control rooms, a practical demonstration of the rotation gantry setting follows. The highlight of the tour is the chance to see what is happening behind the walls of the irradiation room. The main physicist leads us through the side door to a much larger room, where there is a big, breathtaking structure. Our physicist enthusiastically explains all the details of the operation and the principle of delivering the beam from the cyclotron to the patient’s body. Everything is done with millimeter precision.

The last stop is the offices of the physicists who work on the radiation plans for our patients. The preparation of such a plan takes 5-7 days and each plan is absolutely unique. The work of our doctors and physicists is truly admirable, and every plan that goes through their hands is tailored to each patient according to their diagnosis and needs. Here, the group meets with our chief physicist, Mr Vondracek. He shows the group what he is currently working on and explains the pitfalls and challenges that each plan involves. After 15 minutes with the physicists, most of the questions are answered and the process is more understandable to everyone.

After seeing the facility all guests are invited to gather in the main lobby where they can share their stories and experience while enjoying coffee and snacks.

We are proud of the high-quality service that we provide to our patients. We are able to go above and beyond the expectations. We believe that providing such a high level of service will help make our patients‘ stay here in Prague easier and more comfortable.

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