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Is Proton Therapy tight for me?
Is Proton Therapy tight for me?Is Proton Therapy tight for me?

Proton Therapy UK

Proton Therapy UK is the official UK division for the Proton Therapy Centre.

Proton therapy UK has been set-up to provide a point of reference for medical professionals to help people who are suffering from cancer, or are concerned about a patient who’s suffering from cancer. Our aim is to enable all medical professionals to help victims of cancer, including those suffering from it psychologically, that they can get a comprehensive understanding of the all various treatments available and the side-effects a patient could be faced with.

We are looking to encourage people in the medical profession to take early action against cancer and demonstrate by doing so; they can help beat cancers such as prostate cancer, allowing a person to go on to lead a very full and positive life.

If you think Proton Therapy is for you:

Our fluent English-speaking staff will help patients organise hotel accommodation and assist them with transport around Prague if required. Upon arrival in Prague, they will meet them at the airport and provide them with a folder that contains all the documents they’ll need to manage their treatment, along with a Czech mobile phone and SIM card for them to use during their stay.

A dedicated Treatment Coordinator will be allocated to the patient for the duration of their stay in Prague, and will be with them every step of the way throughout the treatment process. Our Treatment Coordinators are familiar with Prague and can also assist in booking tours and can provide ongoing sightseeing advice.

Throughout the patients visit their Treatment Coordinator will be available 24/7 in the event of an emergency. Assistance is never far away.

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The Proton Center – Prague

Proton therapy has been used as a treatment for cancer for over 60 years in many different countries. The Prague Proton Therapy Centre (PTC) is one of the most advanced Proton therapy clinics in Europe, opening its doors to cancer sufferers in 2012 and has since treated patients from over 22 countries. This purpose-built cancer treatment centre is located within the grounds of the Na Bulovce hospital complex.

Read More About Our Technology

The science behind the technology

IBA Proton Technology:

IBA is one of the world’s largest and most advanced providers of Proton therapy technology. Their experience and expertise is the reason Proton therapy UK work closely with them.

Pencil Beam Scanning:

Here at the Proton Therapy Centre we assembled a highly dedicated team of medical and scientific specialists to select a proton beam machine we could use, that would offer the highest rate of success and accuracy against various cancers.

IBA recommends Pencil Beam Scanning as the future of cancer technology, it is delivered via the IBA specialist nozzles to help deliver proton beams in a more accurate and safer way than ever before.

The pencil beam technology ensures that the radiation delivered is focused on the tumour with minimal impact to surrounding tissue, opposed to the ‘passive scattering’ approach used in many other forms of radiation treatment offered worldwide.

Automated Patient Transport System:

A system we use called The Patlog ™ is an automated patient logistics transport system from a Swedish firm called ONCOlog, it minimises the time in which patients spend in the treatment rooms.

Additionally ONCOlog has created a fixation technology that painlessly keeps a patient in place during treatment; this enables our physicists to locate tumours to focus on the exact same spot across different treatment slots, to deliver proton beam therapy with the highest possible precision.

We use several high-tech systems that help us to clearly visualise the exact size, shape and position of cancerous tumours, which is why proton beam technology offers the most accurate

Treatment Planning, Contouring & Information Management:

We use several high-tech systems that allow us to clearly visualise the true size, shape and position of tumours.

By combining our radiation oncology information system (MOSAIQ) and the other various high-end 3D and 4D imagining systems, we are able to obtain a comprehensive understanding of a tumour and the treatment options available.

Patient Positioning System Within Each Treatment Room:

The Patient Positioning System (PPS) supports and positions patients with sub-millimeter accuracy to allow the proton beam to be delivered with great precision to any point in the patient from any angle.

Just a 2-hour flight from London, it is an accessible and attractive destination for British cancer sufferers seeking advanced treatment that is currently unavailable in the UK.

Internationally recognised as one of the most advanced cancer treatment centres of its kind in the world, we combine ultra-modern technology with clinical competence and compassionate individualised care.

With 5 dedicated treatment rooms we have the capacity to treat 2,500 patients each year. Of these, 3 have movable gantries that are capable of 360-degree rotation around patients. This means tumours can be treated anywhere in the body, from any angle, up to a depth of 32cm. One of the rooms offers ‘fixed beam’ treatments, and the final room is specially designed for eye treatments.

Equipped with state of the art technology in proton therapy diagnostic and planning procedures, our goal is to provide local and international patients with the highest level of treatment effectiveness, as well as the highest standard of comfort and care.

In addition to proton therapy cancer treatments, the Prague Proton Centre is fully equipped with a wide-range of stand-alone diagnostic services (MRI, CT, PET/CT), and has the ability to provide onsite chemotherapy in combination with proton therapy treatment.

Patients suffering from prostate cancer can undergo thorough urological examinations at the Proton Centre, and are able to undergo fiducial marker insertion procedures prior to proton treatment, by experienced and compassionate urologists.

All treatment complies with the strictest international standards and all of our patients receive the highest standards of service and care. If our patient come to us from abroad, we can organise accommodation as well as regular transport to the centre.

The Proton Therapy Centre employs specialists within each field, to guarantee a highly professional and pro-client approach. We cooperate closely with the leading Czech universities and other educational institutions supporting science and research, with the aim to contribute to the development of radiation oncology and other oncological specialisations.

Although set to become the world’s top medical facility for proton therapy, our ultimate goal is to use our experience to create more centres so that a larger number of patients will have access this therapy

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