About Prague

Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, has become one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, being the sixth most visited European city. Its rich history makes it a popular tourist destination and has been nicknamed ‘the city of a hundred spires,’ with colourful baroque buildings, gothic churches, a medieval astronomical clock and a city full of great architecture, art and heritage.

The Czech Republic has emerged as a favourite European destination for medical tourism. The country offers a wide-range of internationally renowned doctors with specialists in each field. Prague in particular offers huge medical tourism potential which allows international patients to access an excellent level of high-quality medical services at competitive rates.

The Czech Republic offers:
• Internationally renowned doctors with a high educational standards of practitioners
• Low cost and effective treatments
• High quality of care
• Government investment and initiatives for medical tourism
• Historically recognised excellent level of medicine and standards of care
• Advanced technology that’s not always offered worldwide

The Czech Republic’s medical achievements have advanced medicine world-wide and their medical success continues to grow.
Past Achievements
• 2003 First mechanical heart in Eastern Europe
• 2005 First use of artificial hip joint in CE and EE
• 2005 Triple transplantation of the heart, kidneys and liver
• 2010 The first total transplantation of the face
• 2012 Czech Republic becomes the best for acute heart attack care due to its large network of centres in Europe
• 2012 Laparoscopic operation of heart valves using several punctures and needles
• 2013 Discovery of how leukaemia proceeds from the bone marrow to blood and infects the whole organism
• 2013 Transplantation of a small intestine from a donor
• 2013 First split of livers and transplantation for 2 adults

Michal Čada 2:41 pm