Bill’s Prostate Cancer Story


I had no symptoms for prostate cancer but I was sent for a routine blood test which showed an elevated PSA reading and a biopsy followed.

The diagnosis was a total shock to say the least! I felt anxious and stressed and my wife also became very anxious and stressed.

I felt that the options of treatments available to me weren’t explained well. I was offered a removal of the prostate-‘throw it in a bucket’ their words, and radiotherapy which would have lasted one to two months.

The medical team recommended the removal for me but I started to look at alternative treatments. I found the idea for the removal of the prostate barbaric and the possibility of it not being 100 % successful was worrying. The cutting of the nerve endings which could/would led to incontinence etc, plus the possibility of pre-clinical cancerous cells remaining in the fatty tissue did not give me any confidence.

For me, there were no positives to having treatment on the NHS; they were all negatives. I felt like they were missing a lot of information, I was only offered removal or radiotherapy, nothing else or other options. I was told I had no other alternatives and not to look at the Internet as I had only the choices from them.

I came across proton therapy on the almighty Internet and it appealed to me due to the near 100% feedback of immediate success and the lack of after-treatment complications.

Since having the treatment I can’t think of any negatives from going through with it, the outcomes are all positives as I’ve got my life back and we can look forward to the future with confidence.

My treatment lasted 21 fractions and from the moment my wife and I arrived at the centre we were made to feel very welcome by the staff. We received warmth and understanding, this coupled with the professionalism and expertise of all the medical staff made us realise that we were in the right place and that the decision to come to Prague was the right one.

I found the side-effects of proton therapy were short term constipation, which started the last week of treatment and lasted for four weeks after returning home. Now my intestine seems to be more sensitive to what I eat as I have bouts of diarrhoea.

I’d describe my health now as excellent, other than the above, which is not a big thing. Sexually I find the erection is not as firm and the ejaculation is none existent. The sensation is there but not the fluid. However, I would recommend PTC which I have done so many times to many men, it is the only way forward in today’s world. The other methods are prehistoric.

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