Patient stories



Lisa’s meningioma story

Brain and CNS

A Lichfield woman travelled to Prague for specialist treatment after being diagnosed with a brain tumour – which threatened to leave her blind. Alex Keller discovers more. When Lisa Hudson noticed her eyesight slowly deteriorating she put it down to her age.


Graham’s prostate cancer story

Prostate cancer

On having an annual thyroid function blood test in February 2018 the phlebotomist suggested a PSA test to which I agreed. At the age of 77 it was surprising that I had never heard of PSA tests particularly as I had occasionally mentioned to doctors in the previous 15 years that there had been a gradual increase in the frequency with which I urinated.


Nicky Holloway’s prostate cancer story

Prostate cancer

Completely out of the blue I got diagnosed in March with prostate cancer, I tripped over a paving stone in Spain and cracked a rib otherwise I may never have known.


Samantha’s nasopharyngeal cancer Story

Head and Neck

My fight for the only right treatment – proton therapy in Prague!


John’s prostate cancer story

Prostate cancer

Well, the staff are very supportive. They know who you are and so many develop a personal way of dealing with you even wishing me a Happy Birthday. I was only met with pleasantness, helpfulness and professionalism.


Neil’s prostate cancer story

Prostate cancer

Initially my urologist recommended a radical prostatectomy but I was concerned about the efficacy and adverse consequences of surgery.


John’s prostate cancer story

Prostate cancer

Every detail leading up to my trip to the centre was very easy as the team were very helpful and reassuring throughout.


Barry’s prostate cancer story

Prostate cancer

I am able to enjoy life now, knowing that I am fully treated and don’t suffer from any side effects from proton therapy.


Richard’s prostate cancer story

Prostate cancer

I am now able to get back to riding my bike and enjoying the seaside where I live in Leigh-on-Sea.


Eamon’s prostate cancer story

Prostate cancer

I initially had no symptoms of prostate cancer, I was diagnosed through a routine PSA test with my GP and was shocked to discover I had cancer.


Barbara’s husband prostate cancer story

Prostate cancer

I felt my world turn upside down when the doctor told my husband he had prostate cancer.


Thomas’ prostate cancer story

Prostate cancer

Following the conversation with my specialist I began seeking alternative treatments, the reason for this was mainly due to the concern of side-effects of the treatment offered to me.


Bill’s prostate cancer story

Prostate cancer

I had no symptoms for prostate cancer but I was sent for a routine blood test which showed an elevated PSA reading and a biopsy followed.


Joe’s prostate cancer story

Prostate cancer

After having proton therapy I didn’t come across any side-effects and my PSA level now indicates that I’m on the road to recovery, side-effect free. The Proton Therapy Center exceeded my expectations and my health is now stable.


Viktoria’s germinoma cancer journey

Paediatric cancer

Six months ago I bumped into a world in which there is no difference in age, sex, race or nationality. Into this world we are all equal and each day we are fighting because it is not just a battle but it is a war.


Luca’s craniopharyngioma cancer story

Paediatric cancer

At that time, there were three neurosurgeons in America with whom I corresponded and they recommended surgical removal of the tumor followed by proton therapy. It was the first time I heard of such therapy.


Filip’s chordoma cancer story

Brain and CNS

On January 5th, 2018 I was diagnosed with chordoma of the second cervical vertebrae. A partial laminectomy was performed at the Department of Neurology in the Military Hospital in Belgrade.

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