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Proton therapy is an increasingly recognised and preferred method in the world. The results of the world’s proton centres and the Prague Proton Therapy Center clearly confirm that proton therapy opens up completely new possibilities for the treatment of cancer.

Proton therapy is not a new method. Since 1991, the first exclusively clinical (not academic) workplace located at Loma Linda University, California, USA has treated many tens of thousands of cancer patients using proton therapy. Proton therapy is a technologically mature treatment proven by almost three decades of clinical operation.

Despite many years of proton radiotherapy being used for the treatment of selected types of cancer, some healthcare professionals are still of the opinion that the higher radiation doses used in standard (photon) radiotherapy to which healthy tissues are exposed do not justify the use of proton beam therapy.

New clinical data is available from extensive studies suggesting that the frequency of acute toxicity (complications monitored for 90 days after initiation of treatment) is significantly lower in proton irradiation than in a comparable group of patients treated with photon radiotherapy.

A team of physicians from the University of Washington monitored almost 1,500 patients with various types of cancer, of whom about 400 underwent proton beam therapy while the rest were irradiated with state-of-the-art photon radiotherapy techniques. All the patients from this group were irradiated and at the same time were administered concomitant chemo-radiotherapy. The study researchers focused on the emergence of toxicity at grade III and higher, which already requires hospitalisation and intensive medical treatment and care.

The study has shown that the observed toxicity (the complications associated with irradiation) in patients treated with protons is two-thirds lower than in the group treated with photon radiotherapy. Specifically, serious adverse complications were reported by 11.5% of patients irradiated with protons as compared with 27.6% of patients irradiated with photons.


Please find below some clinical studies (diagnoses are listed in alphabetical order):

Brain and CNS


Head and Neck






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