Transportation in Prague

Public transport in Prague is cheap, efficient and highly integrated. Travelling around the city is very simple and it is also possible to reach the Proton Therapy Center via tram (Bulovka stop).

Airport Transfers

It is possible to travel to the city center from the airport by public transportation. The fare is only 40 CZK, as opposed to the cost of a taxy (700 CZK cca). However, it takes some time and requires two forms of transportation. If you have a lot of luggage or prefer a smoother journey, we advise booking an airport transfer. More details to follow.

Public Transport

The ticket can be purchased at the vending machines by the bus platform. The vending machines offer a menu in different languages and take both cash and card payments. You will need a 90 minutes ticket, which costs 32 CZK, and you will be able to use it for the entire journey (all tickets and passes permit unlimited switching between modes of transport for their set period of time). Once you have purchased the ticket, it must be validated at the time of travel: punch your ticket in one of the orange or yellow machines located by the bus stop.
To travel by public transport into the city, there are two main routes. Both take around one hour:


If you prefer to opt for a taxi, please know that it is always cheaper and safer to book a taxi online or via phone rather than to hop in one on the street. From experience with our patients, we recommend the taxi company Modrý Anděl. It is possible to schedule a ride on-line, via phone, or by downloading their app. You can find all the details on their website.

Getting Around Prague

A ticket for the Prague public transport network permits travel on the Prague metro, trams and buses for a set period of time:

Ticket Validation

Tickets must be validated before starting your trip! In trams and buses, the ticket validators are near the doors. In metro stations and in the funicular, the ticket validators are on stands by the entrance to the transport are. In PID train operation, the ticket validators are located by the entrance to the platform or in the platform. Each ticket is valid for as many trips as you want, until the time expires.

You do not need to validate the monthly ticket, should you decide to purchase one.

Ticket Inspection

Ticket inspectors are authorised to check your validated ticket at any time. They must show their inspection badge in order to prove authorisation. Traveling without a ticket can result in a fine of 1,500 CZK. If paid on the spot or within 15 days, the fine is reduced to 800 CZK.


For more information, please visit the PID website.

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