Father urges NHS to increase funding for ‘amazing’ prostate cancer treatment

A MAN who spent £34,000 on treatment abroad after being diagnosed with prostate cancer has urged the NHS to increase funding for the ‘amazing’ cure. Duncan Gregory, an engineer from West Hendred, near Wantage, was given the devastating diagnosis just days before last Christmas. The 58-year-old was advised to either have surgery to remove the […]

Christmas in Prague

Christmas in Prague is a wonderful time of the year. The city is transformed into a winter wonderland offering something for every visitor. The main attractions are the Christmas markets located all around the city. Two of the largest markets, Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square, are located just around the corner from each other […]

How can we reduce the long term side effects of childhood cancer treatment?

Solid tumours in children make approximately 1 – 1.5% of all cancer cases. In the treatment of childhood cancers the late side effects, rather than acute side effects, are of crucial importance, given the excellent treatment results achieved by complex cancer therapy. The expected side effects of radiotherapy depend on the irradiated area and the […]

Number of proton therapy centres in construction is growing rapidly, along with the recognition of its benefits

The importance of proton therapy is being confirmed through international recommendations for the treatment and by the growing number of centres and diagnoses treatable. In 2015 an additional 12 proton therapy centres were put into operation, most notably at the renowned Mayo Clinic in the USA, the undisputed leader in oncology. They have launched 2 […]