Proton beam therapy, the treatment that saved Ashya King, is in Britain!

Simon Hardacre was diagnosed with aggressive form of prostate cancer in 2017. He knew that surgery carried the high risk of both incontinence and impotence. But became first person to be treated with same method that saved Ashya King! You can read the article here:

3rd Annual Patients’ Meeting

The third Saturday in September, the 3rd Annual Patients’ Meeting of Proton Therapy Supporters and medical professionals will take place in London. The event will be held in the Regency Suite at Amba Hotel Charing Cross. The initial idea of organizing a patients’ meeting was to bring together former patients treated at the Proton Therapy […]


Barry Osman, 70, from Freshwater, was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and enlarged lymph nodes after a routine blood test 2 years ago. He underwent hormone treatment before heading to Prague, Czech Republic for pioneering proton beam therapy, which is not available on the NHS. You can read the article here:

Harold H. Dawley’s Story

  Let us introduce Mr. Harold H. Dawley Jr., the author of Proton Warriors, who underwent proton treatment in the USA after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. He encourages other men with prostate cancer to research all possible ways the disease can be treated. Mr Dawley has visited our facility and shares his experience with […]

Dr. Jiří Kubeš introduces the Proton Therapy Center in Prague

  Dr Jiří Kubeš, the Medical Director,introduces the Proton Therapy Center in Prague – the only facility offering proton therapy treatment in the Czech Republic. Our centre started the clinical operation in December 2012 and have treated hundreds of patients from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Romania, UAE, etc.

John Lancaster’s Story

  John Lancaster contacted Proton Therapy Center in Prague to find out if he can be treated with prostate cancer there. He describes the atmosphere at our centre as kind and friendly. Our medical team as well as treatment coordinators explained everything reagrding the treatment and offered instant support and help throughout the stay in […]

New partnership gives Bupa UK customers greater access to the latest cancer fighting technology

Bupa UK health insurance customers will have greater access to a new state-of-the-art cancer treatment within the next few weeks, thanks to a new partnership with the Proton Therapy Centre. The Proton Therapy Center in Prague, Czech Republic uses the latest pencil-scanning technology to treat tumors and works by accelerating protons until they reach half […]

Pencil Beam Scannig technique

  Proton Therapy Center in Prague uses Pencil Beam Scanning technique. What does that mean exactly? MSc. Vladimír Vondráček, the Head of Clinical Physics, explained this to the visitors of annual Patient’s Meeting in London. We are looking forward to seeing you in this year’s meeting in September 15th. More info will follow.

David Martin’s Story

  Treatment provided at the Proton Therapy Center in Prague is absolutely painless. This confirms also Mr. David Martin, who came to Prague after having been diagnosed with prostate cancer. However, there may or may not occur some side effects, such as: mild skin reaction (redness) slight burning sensation when urinating tiredness

James Graham’s Story   Mr. James Graham was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He made his research and chose to come to Prague for proton therapy. He was happy with our service provided during his treatment. It is our mission to help and support our clients throughout their stay in Prague. We are happy to answer any questions […]

LIFE SAVING – How is Ashya King now, what is medulloblastoma and why were his parents arrested in 2014?

The parents of Ashya King were not happy at the treatment at Southampton General Hospital and took him out for what they argued was a more targeted approach of a private clinic in Prague. You can read the article here:

Aberdeen father travels to Prague for pioneering treatment after being diagnosed with cancer

An Aberdeen father has called for the introduction of routine cancer screenings in the UK after flying to the Czech Republic for pioneering treatment. Shell engineer Jon Briggs, 50, started monitoring his PSA score – which measures the level of toxins in the prostate – after his friend was told he had terminal cancer. You […]

‘I WANT TO FIGHT FOR HIM’ Mum’s heartbreaking bid to extend her life for son, six, after she was diagnosed with terminal brain tumour

The Irish Sun: Brittany Vonow – Amelia Martin, of Leicester, hopes that proton beam therapy will give her more time with her family A MUM diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour has vowed to keep fighting for her six-year-old son after she was given just months to live. Amelia Martin, 41, is making a last ditch […]

Kirkby Stephen grandad travels to Czech Republic for pioneering £62,000 treatment for rare eye cancer

Arthur Littlefair, 67, has lived with a small tumour, a rare adenoidal cystic carcinoma, hidden near his eye for a decade. The retired builders’ merchant, from Kirkby Stephen, has undergone several operations and two courses of uncomfortable radiotherapy to try to keep the tumour in check, but it returned earlier this year. You can read […]